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I have a mac mini MA607B/A 1.66/2x1GB/60GB HDD, that is not booting. It Chimes and hands on the apple logo.

I searched this forum and I performed every solution I found. The mac is still doing the same thing.

I also changed the battery but no joy.

I inserted the CD that came with the MAC mini and it does exactly the same while booting from the cd.

I did a H/W check by holding the CMD+D keys and all tests were passed successfuly !!!

I booted in Verbiose mode and I have attached the log as a photo in this thread.


I really have no clue why it gives a kernel panic on CPU...

Temperature seems to be normal and the fan is working.


Any suggestions how to resolve this?


2012-11-14 11.57.55.jpg

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4), MA607B/A 1.66/2x1GB/60GB
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    Hmmm, not much to go on, but since it seems cpu1, the second cpu, is what is complaining, you might try disabling it...


    You might try this also, thanks to old comm guy...


    This can be done in open firmware,(boot with cmd+option+O+F held down).


    setenv boot-args cpus=1


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    Thank you for your reply.


    I tried to boot in Open Firmware mode but it crashes almost imediately.


    I have also Installed OSX 10.6 on an external usb hard drive of mine and tried to boot from that and it does exactly the same. I noticed that the external hard drive's light is on and binking while the computer is loading which means that it reads OS files. and after a while when the MAC freezes, the light goes completely off like there is no power supplied to it.


    It does exactly the same thing even if i put the original disc that came with it and try to boot from that.


    I entered Verbose mode again and now it always freezes after the "AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementClient: Ready" line


    Also the keyboard is not responding and the lighs of the keyboard are off as well.


    2012-11-15 19.42.17.jpg

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    Have you done a PRAM reset, CMD+Option+p+r...




    In fact, do 3 in a row, takes a bit of time.


    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)...



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    I did both of them numerous times....


    Still no Joy....

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    I'm guessing a bad CPU or Logic board, sorry.

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    Thank you for your reply,


    now that you said that about the CPU I oppened it and the Passive cooler that has on top of it, it is warmer than usual. I mean that I can touch it but it is very worm. The cooler works but it seems that it is not sufficient.


    Is it possible that the CPU overheats and the MAC is freezing like that?

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    Yes, very likely, might let it cool real good & see if you can disable CPU#1

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    I disasembled the whole computer and re built it.


    The CPU seems to be fine but in the logic board on the right hand side from the CPU I can see some kind of moisture. I cleaned it up with a cotton cloth.


    It now shows more but it still freezes and I cannot access the Open Firmware option.

    I went into Verbose Mode again and now it shows more than before!


    It has a panic on CPU1 "pmap_flush_tlbs() timeout"


    2012-11-15 22.21.50.jpg

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    Some progress, but about out of ideas here.

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    Here is something really strange....


    While booting I pressed the D key and went into The Apple Hardware Test mode.

    I did all the tests as well as all the extended ones, and guess what?


    It Passed ALL H/W Tests !!!!


    And I had it on for 2 hours in this test screen and it did not freeze at all, so the CPU heat issue is out of the question.


    What the ..... is going on with this mac???