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I have a mac mini MA607B/A 1.66/2x1GB/60GB HDD, that is not booting. It Chimes and hands on the apple logo.

I searched this forum and I performed every solution I found. The mac is still doing the same thing.

I also changed the battery but no joy.

I inserted the CD that came with the MAC mini and it does exactly the same while booting from the cd.

I did a H/W check by holding the CMD+D keys and all tests were passed successfuly !!!

I booted in Verbiose mode and I have attached the log as a photo in this thread.


I really have no clue why it gives a kernel panic on CPU...

Temperature seems to be normal and the fan is working.


Any suggestions how to resolve this?


2012-11-14 11.57.55.jpg

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.4), MA607B/A 1.66/2x1GB/60GB