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    I emailed iTunes Store customer services about this and, although they could not suggest a solution, they did reset the association back to my own Apple ID.  It still means that my wife can't use her Apple ID on her user account on the same iMac to download purchases, otherwise we'd be back to the same problem.


    I hope Apple are sorting this one out, it's a real pain.

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    Argh!!! whats the point!><


    My girlfriend who purchased an album from itunes as a gift for my birthday from her account, added it to my itunes (which meant she needed to sign me out breifly in order to do so) now when I go to my downloaded I have to wait 90 Days! I dont understand why thats the case! now I can't listen to music which I've payed for!? if I'm honest i think buying music from amazon is much better. they are cheaper, the songs are not bound to one account and can be used on any smartphone or mp3 player.


    okay rant over:-)

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    I have the same problem! its so annoying.

    I had a problem with my computer so i had to restore the whole **** thing. Now every time i try to add this computer (the only one i have ever used aside from my iphone5) i get this message

    "This computer is already associated with an Apple ID"

    I use the same login on my iphone and it works well.  I am able to download music from itunes match (i have over 5000 songs)

    but what really ****** me off is that i CANT access it on my macbook pro and download it.

    I have contacted itunes match through email and so far they have not ressoved the issue. its been about a week of writting back and fourth... I cant seem to find their phone number.

    They suggested that i do this:

    I would like for you to attempt to set up a new user account and then attempt to turn on iTunes Match. If iTunes Match successfully turns on, please copy the iTunes Media folder from the main user to the new user.


    Once the iTunes Media folder has been copied to the new user, please add the content of the folder to the iTunes library by selecting Add to Library from the File menu in iTunes. Then when asked to choose an item,  should select the iTunes Media folder that was copied to the user. Now once this is complete, you will need to select Update iTunes Match from the Store menu.


    To create a user account, please follow the directions in the follow article:


    Mac OS X 10.6: Creating a new user account


    I have also been able to locate a video showing how to set up a new user account, you can view it here:



    Then to set up your new Library in the new user account, please follow:


    iTunes: How to re-create your iTunes library and playlists


    And finally, Freddie, now you should be able to Update iTunes Match from the Store menu.



    obviosly it did not work and im still not a happy camper. this is what i wrote back:

    okay so i have the same account on my iPhone… which is fre********  and i am allowed to access my i tunes match music through my iPhone…. I don't understand why i am unable to do that with my computer. is there anyway you can authorize my computer? it really is a drag not being able to access my music … since i did pay 25 bucks.  any suggestions? please help

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    Apple's response to me was to terminate my iTunes Match subscription. Actually, it turns out that iTunes Match is not really the problem, per se. It's the ability to download music to more than one account on a single computer. I still can't download or play my purchased music from the iTunes store, even though I've paid for it and I no longer have iTunes Match. I could download my music to another computer and transfer the files from it to my main machine. That's a pain in the butt. My wild guess is that this may have to do with some agreement Apple has with the RIAA, becuase it's difficult to see why Apple would want to so aggressively and wilfully alienate its users.

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    Well I have a macbook air and I have 20 days left before I can 'use it'.  I have to say that I am looking towards Android more and more.  Samsung have got it together, the OS is great (and, I have to say, better than iOS), maps work and I can play music across all devices.   I already have a Kindle fire and so Apple in my mind is in last chance saloon.


    You can't bring back Jobs, but you sure can try a bit harder to think about your customers

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    The restriction and entire situation ***** badly. I only started hitting this problem relatively recently... I suspect it was around when I subscribed to iTunes Match. I'm a bit over all the restrictions, excessive pricing, etc. Quite stupidly, I'm one of the people that actually pays for content, but Apple, the record companies or whoever really go out of their way to make it as inconvenient as possible.Time to buy my content elsewhere.

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    Similar problem here: One iMac, two user accounts. Mine is the administrator and is associated with my Apple ID. I made a second account for my wife and connected her Apple ID to it, then got this error the first time she opened iTunes:


    Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 6.49.11 PM.png

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    This HAPPED to my, but with my iPad, I was re-downloading my Music while accidentally deleting it and then I got a pop-up on my iPad saying something about my iPad being associated with this ID for 90 days or something, I don't know, can anyone help me, and what is the bad thing about this, will I still be able to download my music, btw, my Music downloaded succesfully after that.

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    No offense but this is unhelpful in several ways.

    1. You're using a different platform (iOS)

    2. That platform is single user

    3. The version of iTunes is different on iOS (different code)


    The problem you had is unrelated. To recap:

    1. ITunes and iTunes Match users sometimes have multiple users who share a machine

    2. Apple has decided to key authorization for match/cloud based on machine rather than login ID and credentials

    3. Any user who authorizes after another has also done so with their account on the shared machine is locked out of match/cloud for three months, thus unable to get their content.


    The reason this is bad and it didn't inconvenience you on a single user device is this: there can only be one user allowed to download their purchased content on a macosx machine at any given moment. All other users will get blocked.


    Other providers do not use this scheme. Macs have always marketed their systems as family computers so it stands to reason they built in multiuser logins partially for that reason, yet have failed to accommodate those users by this authorization method (I.e. by machine).


    My solution to this, unfortunately, was to stop purchasing at iTMS, go with a provider who provides physical media as well as a cloud service with content that works on all my devices no matter how many users use them or the operating platform. 

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    Nailed it. Great recap. Thanks for contributing positively to the thread.

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    Found this thread while researching the issue, here's my configuration:


    - OS X 10.8.3

    - iTunes 11.0.2

    - 2 user accounts, each with its own Apple ID

    - My Apple ID has Match (bought as soon as Match was launched), the other ID does not

    - Two computers are linked to my ID, both with Match enabled (the other machine is a Win 7 PC running iTunes


    I purchased two albums from iTunes today, directly on my iPhone.  No problems, downloaded the songs as normal and was able to play them.  When I got home, I attempted to download and play those tracks on iTunes in OS X, but got the "This computer is already associated with an Apple ID" error.  Turns out, the other user account on this Mac received the same error the other day.  So, my purchase today doesn't seem to be a cause, just the catalyst for me to receive the error when I attempted to play the content on my Mac.


    I have only ever had one Apple ID, and have had it for several years without a problem.  The only issue I've seen in the last year is my Win 7 machine occasionally losing its Match setting, so I have to re-connect it to the Match service.  It doesn't lock my content, just makes me go through the process of "re-adding" the machine, then everything works again.  Don't think this problem is related, because it's been going on for a year.


    As an interesting side note, the Win 7 PC that also has my ID and Match turned on, won't sync with Match tonight.  It seems stuck, just continually saying that it's "accessing iTunes Match".  I can't download or play the tracks I bought today on my phone (download button is grayed out), or any other content that's associated with my Match account that isn't already on the Win 7 PC.

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    I have the exact problem !!! Let me know if you have any solution! We even have about the same configuration.

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    Well, we know that Apple is at least watching this thread because a disparaging comment was deleted from the thread. It's a shame that effort's being spent on policing threads for disgruntled customer comments but not on fixing real issues.


    And really doomouder, this problem goes back to 2011 (at least, based on the techbeast article I posted) so it's unlikely Apple's going to do anything to fix this. There've been several revisions of iTunes since then and no correction or public acknowledgement appears to have been made.


    My solution was, unfortunately for Apple, to stop using iTMS to purchase my content and go with another provider who gives you hard copies of your music as well as cloud storage. I waited out my 90 days on that machine, got the missing content and backed it up so I never have to worry about Apple's service failings again.

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    it is a idea...if I turn on itunes match at my wife's profile...will that help ? in this case we will have 2 apple ids with itunes match on one mac...

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    I also got this same error/warning, but I chatted with an Apple Support rep online and they were able to resolve it. At first they said I should choose the Transfer option, but when I said, "are you sure?" they said, "let me check with a specialist." After asking me a few more questions, they resolved the problem on their end and I was able to subscribe to iTunes match without getting this error message.

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