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  • jgobert Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here as everyone else. One iMac with two user accounts (my wife). Now iTunes Match will not work on this computer, getting the "This computer is already associated with an Apple ID" error. You would think that this is bug is prevalent enough to warrant an immediate fix. iTunes Match has been out for nearly 2 years now.


    I suppose I can complain to Apple but it seems if they reset my account as soon as my wife signs back in to her iTunes acct. the same thing will happen. Sigh.

  • Andy Distortion Level 1 Level 1

    I just wonder, why, oh, why didn't my girl-friend get this message when she was associating my computer with her apple id? Why I have to suffer when I HAVE THE ADMIN ACCOUNT ON THIS COMPUTER and she's not? Why I have to get this BS message when I associated MY id first? I want my money back!

  • ericm34 Level 1 Level 1

    Ditto here. Wow.


    Mac OS 10.8.4

    iTunes 11.0.4

    5 user accounts, 2 are admin

    The 2 admin accounts have unqiue apple IDs. Computer authorized for both.

    1 admin account has match, the other doesn't


    I'll tell my kid she has to wait 8 days to watch the movie I just bought for her. Swell.

  • SwampLynx Level 1 Level 1

    Agree. This is absolutly mind blowingly ********. My girlfriend and I just bought a new iMac, so we could clear some space and share the computer using multiple user accounts. We both PAY for iTunes Match, and all we want to do is both use the service that we each PAID for, in our seperate totally isolated accounts whoes only commonality is that they happen to reside on the same computer. But apparenetly we not only can't both use the service that we both paid for at the same time, but we have to "take turns" in a cycle of 90 day.. Outrageous. I have some choice words for the exec at Appl that put that restriction in place. Don't advertise the multi-user 'features' of your OS if don't actually exist.

  • Timothy___ Level 1 Level 1

    Same issues here with multiple user accounts on the same MacBookPro with different apple ids.


    What is the recommended solution besides just dropping itunes altogether and move on?


    Am I the only one in feeling that Apple products seemed to work better in the past? 3 years ago when I bought this MaBookPro everything just worked! Now after a couple of issues I feel like the new slogan should be: It just used to work!

  • Stuartino Level 1 Level 1

    Add me to the list, I have an iMac, I am the admin, I have iTunes match, I wanted to purchase it for my wife, but I cant as explained above. The only solution is to setup itunes match for my wife on a different pc. i am very disappointed with this. I fully understand having this block on end user devices, iphones to stop people abusing sharing. But the iMac is a hub product, me, my wife and my kids all use it. Personally i think Match should recognise familys in the first place, but I was willing to pay Apple more money to listen to my/our own music collection, sadly they don't want it. I want to have a top drawer user experience, I am not having one. Come on Apple this is not good enough. Music is for sharing.

  • abombaci Level 2 Level 2

       This is definitely a bug. It's telling me (this computer is already associated with an Apple ID) like I was trying to take it off or readd it I don't know what! I don't have iTunes match nor do I have more than one apple account (ID) only on my computer and iPod.


       One night I was on my iPod and the automatic downloads buttons shut themselves off, I turned them back on and they shut off again and then this pop up came up (This computer is already associated with an apple ID) like I don't already know that and I'm like what the heck does this mean or what is it talking about? This pop up came right after the buttons for auto download kept shutting to off and I kept turning back on several time in a row.


       So then in the pop up it says cancel or transfer and I'm thinking also what does this mean so I press transfer thinking it must just be some kind of bug. Then I go on my Mac and see it reassociated my ipod on that day kept it on the same ID though just changed the date the error happened because the date has changed on the day of the error (pop up message) when I hit the transfer button and said I have 90 days till I can associated it with another Apple ID. I didn't know what transfer meant either. All I know is that it was a screwy message and already knew it was already associated with and Apple ID so I got this message for nothing. Just because the buttons wouldn't stay turned on and kept sliding to the off position. This usually happens when you sign out of iTunes on your iPod the buttons will turn off in auto download but I was signed into iTunes on my iPod all along while this was happening.


      It was associated with the same ID all the time never any other so I don't understand this message or what it meant and like it happened because I couldn't get the auto download buttons on the iPod to stay in the on position then finally I get the pop up. Now it reassigned to my computer on the date that it happened it didn't take the device under list of devices off under (my account section in iTunes) but says I have 90 days before I can associate this device with another ID. This must have reassingned my device on the day it happened on a new date on the day it happened probably because I pressed the transfer button.


       But no I do not want to sign this device up with a different ID and I didn't understand why I got this pop up in the first place. The iPod was associated with this Apple ID from day one so why do the auto download buttons keep shutting off and then I get the pop up on the iPod (This computer is already associated with and Apple ID) LIke I already didn't now that. I didn't know what this meant or why the auto download buttons on the iPod kept turning off but now their back on. My iPod is still under my devices in my account section on my Mac and everything works but the date has changed on the day this error happened and its counting down days till I can associated with another ID. I didn't know what pressing the transfer button was do I pressed it because I knew this was a bug but didn't think it would redo the date on my Mac the day the error happened and then countdown from 90 days. I (do not) want to associated this with a different Apple ID anyway's.


      What a mess up for what? What does this box mean and again I'm only a single user with one account and no iTunes match so it even happens to users with just one account. Don't understand, definitely a bug!

  • Stuartino Level 1 Level 1

    So I was trying to look at this from Apples point of view to try and understand why they would do this. I guess if each of my friends came to my house and signed into my iMac and iTunes with their ID, they could then Match against my extensive record collection without ever owning any of the music. Or you could setup a business offering to log people into your music library and Match against a collection. Of sourse they could come to my house with their laptops and connect to my music collection anyway, but this builds in a degree of pain. So ok, I get it, but why not have the 5 device limit for authorizing pcs, the majority of families are statistically less then 5 people. And most people have a partner of some kind. So come on Apple, I want to give you some money and I want my wife to enjoy your wonderful Match service.

  • hosewater2 Level 1 Level 1

    The bottom line with all of this is if they don't fix it they push people to Amazon or Google. Like most consumers I will accept DRM media if it doesn't hassle me, but I'm not going to put up with this anymore so I have switched to Amazon for music.

  we are, two years into iTunes Match and still no solution for users with more than 25,000 songs. Laughable, all of it, really.

  • SwampLynx Level 1 Level 1

    The problem is they took a DRM restriction designed for a single-user operating system (iOS) and applied it to multi-user operating systems (Mac OS and Windows) without any further thought.It is my hope that the issue is the result of poor program management and not poor legal management. If the word "device" to include computers, and this ridiculous 90 day policy, is written into Apple's legal contracts with content providers, we are all screwed, because no changes to iTunes and the Store can be made without adjusting those contracts. Time and lawyers. On the other hand if it is lazy program management and the same UUID-tied-90-day-one-user DRM used on iOS devices was applied to desktops, there is a glimmer of hope Apple will smarten up and resolve this absurd limitation. There are a dozen of different ways Apple can implement common sense limitation to "excessive sharing" of music, while not crippling functionality and infuriating paying customers.


    - Limit computers to 5-10 linked accounts every 90 days (the 1 account is the crux of the problem here)


    - Limit each iTunes library on each machine to one user, not just the 'device.'



  • Tomsmacs Level 1 Level 1

    I have this issue too, i have NEVER signed in with another apple ID unless i have a split personality i am unaware of, this is, as another person wrote just another example of poor service. Totally unacceotable, and its my **** music i paid for it, i will listen to it when i want!!! there are plenty of free software packages that do the same as i tunes match, none though that are quite as stupid as itunes match.


    P.S. i asked apple for my money back, as i have been having this issue for 2 months and they did.


    Apple used to be great for customer services, with great products, now they have crap service (help desk closing at 8pm?!!!) and their products are not worth the money either. But as long as people keep buying them, they will keep on not giving a crap about their customers.

  • PennyFish Level 1 Level 1

    Apple, please HELP!  My wife and I have the eaxct same problem!  One Brand New MacBook Air.  2 user accounts.  2 Apple Id's. How can we both use Itunes????????????????

  • Timothy___ Level 1 Level 1

    Create a ticket in the appropriate apple support section under iTunes. Apple will try and see what the issue really is. In my case (2 users with each separate Apple ID on the same MacBookPro) they reset something in their backend system and it should work now but I did not try it yet. Apparently it is in the iTunes Store terms text which of course everyone read and understands all the legal terms before pressing "accept"...

    Point is that the apple support really tries and help you out which is worth mentioning!




  • nozzer1969 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, when this happened to me I contacted Apply iTunes support and they flicked a switch in the background and my Mac was then responding correctly to my Apple ID.


    However, this does not solve the fundamental issue.  The Mac in our household is the digital hub from which we access our content.  This flaw which allows the Mac only to be associated with either my own or my Wife's Apple ID is seriously a pain in the neck.  What do Apple want?  For me to buy a separate Mac for my wife?  Sorry, but no.  I've spent a lot of hard-earned cash on Apple products over the years but I'm drawing the line here.



  • bendybones Level 1 Level 1

    Same as nozzer et al.

    I went to here

    chose a chat session and was dealy with in less than 2 minutes

    Basically pasted the error mesage into the chat, and said I'd never used a different ID, but had recently had motherboard replaced by Apple.

    He flicked a switch on his end and told me to log out and back in again.

    Boom! Problem solved in under 4 minutes start-to-finish.

    Excellent service!!

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