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I made a mistake in importing some images last night. Since there weren't many, I canceled the import, and deleted the new project.


When I looked in the Aperture Trash to delete the "bad" import, I saw the deleted project, some other images that had accidentally gotten imported twice and that I deleted, but also a lot of other images that I know I did not purposely delete from Aperture. These are images/versions that are extant in a project in the library (same name, etc.), so I'm a bit confused about why they are there.


While I'd like to empty the Aperture Trash, I'd rather be sure that the process won't delete the versions that are in the Projects. I do have them all backed up as their original RAW files (as well as two vaults). BTW, this is a Managed library of images.


Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated!



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    I'd removeall images that you are not sure about from the Trash, before you empty it. As you probaly know, ypu can simply do this by selecting them in the Trash and using the command "Put Back" fom the contextual pop-up menu, when you ctrl-click them. Before putting back, I'd flag the images, or assign a coöor-label, so you can recognize them easily, when they are back in there projects. Then you can compare them more thoroughly with their current versions, for example check, if they are sharing the same original image files. If you can find a common trait for all the trashed images, it will be easier to guess what caused them to be trashed.


    I have no idea, what could move images to the trash, unless you accientally selected and deleted more images than you meant to. This can happen, when you reject images, so they are not displayed, or delete images from an album instead of removing them from an album. Also stacked images can contain more images than you are aware of, and you may be deleting a whole stack of images, when you only want to delete a single image.




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    That sounds like a good idea.


    Yeah, I have no idea how those others got there. It's a fairly recent group of images (only taken last month), and I really have not had a chance to go through them. I must admit I very rarely toss anything in the trash via Aperture, so how these 900-odd versions got there is a bit of a mystery to me.