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Last August, I purchased a 160GB iPod Classic. For the first several months, it worked just fine. I hooked it up with the audio cable and it would play in my Hyundai Tucson. One day in the Spring, the volume stopped working in the vehicle. I tried other cables and reset the device several times. It started to work again. About a week later, nothing. It wouldn't even have sound when hooked up to headphones.


I took it the Apple store and we tried it out in a vehicle of one of the associates, it worked. Took it home, down again. Had it replaced. Tried it all different wasy, bought a new audio cable for the car, headphones, etc. NOTHING. Had it replaced last Saturday for the second time. Used it everywhere but the car and it worked. Yesterday, I put headphones on and it crash. (Did not try in car yet).


My questions are these: I have a 30GB Classic that has the same library on it. Could there be something wrong with the library? Corrupt? Could the vehicle need a certain something installed? My dealership knows nothing. I've searched online forums for the issue (thinking maybe it was the car). But this one didn't even go in the car and it crashed after a full charged and library sync.


In case it matters, I have a MacBook Pro 13inch using the most updated iTunes and software.


If anyone can help-Thank you!

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