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I have try to setup my new time capsule as per instructions of the manual. Time capsule was discavered I did procide with setting up network and on the final update an unkow error occured. Now I have this yellow light flashing and o the status bar next to airport a massage appears PPPoE connecting but this goes for hours. Can anyone help? Please have in mind I am new to Mac and stil learning.

Thank you

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    Are you using a bridged modem? What modem is it? Does your ISP allow pppoe connection?

    In Europe many ISP use only PPPoA or something rather more complicated IPoA etc.


    I would simply use the TC in bridge not the modem...


    So go back to modem running in full router mode..


    In the setup utility select network.. under network select off bridge mode.. there are posts with pictures but I don't use it so don't have it available sorry.


    Post back if you cannot find them.

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    Thank you very very much I did it