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I need a plugin or a solution that will read the meta data from my video and then overlay the date/time. It is for video surveillance and I need the date/time but I want to do it in FCP. Any thoughts? Or anybody that makes custom plugins?



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    It is not burned in by the original recording devcie?  That's just bad security to start with.

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    BenB, thanks for responding to both of my posts. The footage was shot using a Sony HDR-XR500 AKA consumer video camera. Date and time is not burned into the image when captured digitally. The only way to do it would be to run the video through a video capture device that basically just records what the video outputs. This solution really ***** so i'm looking for somthing more effective.

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    If this is security video for legal purposes, you have to be very careful what you do to it.  You definitly need a plugin that will read time and date metadata directly.  Check the FCP.co forum, there's a section of free templates and plugins that folks are making themselves.  Very top quality stuff, too.  Check there, or perhaps request someone make one.