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A friend and I are starting to used Garageband more now to demo at home rather than a studio - We'll most likely buy Logic Pro 9 as well as the Garageband '11 we already have, just to make sure we're taking compatible files to the studio (and we'll move into it as we learn it more no doubt).


My question is, will the sounds/sample libraries in Logic be available also to Garageband? We looked into the Jam Packs and saw they're now part of MainStage, but obviously don't want to buy this if it's all in Logic anyway? (If it is??). Would be daft to buy all three if Logic contains all the sounds of MS and GB accessss it!


If anyone knows the answer that would be great!





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    Logic, Mainstage and GarageBand use the same architecture. They share (among others) the same


    • Loops
    • Settings (Plug-in Settings and Track Settings)
    • Instruments (some)


    And they are compatible in many other ways.


    The Loop Browser is almost identical in GarageBand and Logic. They display the same popup menu for the installed Loop Libraries.


    When you create a new Loop in GarageBand, it will be available in Logic in that popup menu and vice versa. The reason is that they acess the same index file. This is like a database that contains the information of all the installed Apple Loops.

    Here is a digram of that principle.



    I explain more in my new Garageband Manual "GarageBand 11 - How it Works"



    I also wrote a free manual about the whole topic of Apple Loops in 2005. It is a free pdf dowload available on my website;





    Hope that helps



    Edgar Rothermich


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    Thank you Edgar - very helpful.


    So - does Logic contain all the same samples/sounds/loops of the old JamPacks that MainStage now has? Don't want to buy MainStage uneccessarily if we're getting Logic as well you see, if the all the Logic sounds will show in GB anyway.



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    Logic originally didn't include the JamPacks, they were released separately. Now that Logic is a separate app in the MAS, I'm not sure if they are included. I think only Manstage includes them.

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    Ah - well, MainStage isn't exactly expensive so probably best to buy anyway. At least I know that it should show up in both GB and Logic.


    Thank you for your help!