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Question re. iPhoto and exporting files...


As I understand it, if you edit a photo using iPhoto it does not alter the original photo but simply applies a series of 'settings' that mean that the photo appears in its edited form when viewed through iPhoto.  If you locate the original photo using Finder, and view using (e.g.) preview, it still appears in its original form.


I understand that the edits can then be 'fixed' as a new photo by using 'export' to create a new JPG (or whatever) that then sits alongside the original file in the same folder...correct?  (requires that the new photo file is renamed to prevent it over-writing the original)?


So...if I have an iPhoto album that contains a number of 'edited' photos (which haven't been 'fixed'), but I want to send that album to someone else with both original and edited versions of the photos, do I have to 'export' each edited photo individually (to the location where the 'originals' are stored) and then export the whole album to (e.g.) the desktop...? And do I have to refresh the album in some way to make sure that both original and edited file are there before export? Or is there a quicker way...?



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    Yes. First you'll need to export using the File -> Export command and with the Kind set to Original


    That will get the unedited shots.


    Then File -> Export and Kind set to Jpeg (or Tiff) etc


    You don't have to export each photo individually


    Click on a shot to select it.


    Command-click adds other files to the selection


    Once you have selected then export...






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    Thanks...that helps, although I'm still having a problem with the getting both the original and edited photos into the same folder...specifically:


    - I have created a folder on the desktop and imported the originals there - all good

    - When I try to export several edited photos to the same folder on the desktop (selected using cmd-click) they retain the same file name as the original (e.g. P12345678.jpg) and hence overwrite the originals that I have previously put in the folder. I could export as a different file format (e.g. all originals are JPEG, so I could export the edited versions as TIFF), or export the edited versions to a new (different) folder, then edit the file names in finder and copy paste into the other folder...although I'd rather keep one format (personal preference) and making multiple folders and then re-naming files seems a bit of a bother... Or I have to export them individually and rename each as I go (e.g. P12345678a)...


    Also - is there anyway of identifying which photos have been edited in iPhoto prior to exporting, without going to each photo individually and checking? Unfortunately I have quite a few photos with fairly subtle edits, and I'm not always sure which are 'originals' and which are 'edited' in each album...



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    Export the Originals with the filename


    Then look closely at the Export dialogue: there are other options for naming the exported file - use one of those.


    A Smart Album can be used to find the Edited pics.






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    Thanks...I see that I can:


    - use title (seems to default to filename if I haven't given the photo a 'name' in iPhoto, which I haven't)

    - use filename (issue of overwriting 'original' that I have exported)

    - use sequential (with option to specify prefix - ends up with 'edited' photos having quite different filenames from the 'original'...)

    - use album name plus number


    I think I realise that the problem is no so much not being able to get the originals and edits into the same folder, rather be not being able to do it quite the way I'd like...ideally, I'd like to give the edited file a suffix, i.e.


    P12345678.jpg for the original

    P12345678a.jpg for the edited version


    That way they sit together in the folder and I can see at a glance that they're versions of the same photo...a minor issue really, and probably not something that any other programmes can do to a 'batch' of files either.  The easiest way seems to be to use "event name" under subfolder format for the edited shots, which automatically creates a new sub-folder, keep the names and the edit (add suffixes, in this case) in finder...


    Thanks for the smart folder tip.