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About two years ago I bought an Apple Wireless Keyboard to use with my macbook pro closed. It worked for the last 2 years without problems.

Yesterday I bought a new 13" mbp and when I tried to pair with the new mac, I just wont show up in the bluetooth list. I already unpaired from the old mac, and the old mac also cannot found it. I tried to  turn the keyboard off but it just dont turns. I pressed the on/off button for like a minute and he still keeps the green light blinking. If I remove and insert the batteries, it shuts off, but when i press the on/off button, the green light instantly starts to blink. Tried SMC and PRAM resets in both macs. Dunno what to do. Btw, i has been around 1 hour i gave up the keyboard and left aside and the green light is still blinking.



MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)