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There seems to be a bug in iMovie that causes the default disk to appear twice in the project and event viewer if you have a symbolic link in the path.


For years I have used a symlink to allow me to locate my Users area onto a second drive. This keeps all my user data separate from the more generic system data. Occasionally an application gets confused by this link and this seems to be the case with iMovie.


I think what is happening is that iMovie is trying to list my home directory which by default is usually on Macintosh HD/Users/louie but when it hits the symlink at /Users -> /Volumes/DataDisk/Users it sees this is actually on drive DataDisk. Then I think it looks for all mounted volumes and it finds DataDisk again and doesn't realize that this is already recorded and includes it again.


Other than this odity it seems to work just fine. If I add a project or event, initially it appears in only one of the DataDisk entries in iMovie. Then if I restart iMovie the new project and/or event will show under both entries. The actual project and events are correcty created in my ~/Movies directory.



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), 15GB