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Greetings all-

I am working on restoring/updating a eMac which was originally running 10.3.9. I aquired a 10.4.11 install disc, and strted to update the software. The first install disc downloaded fine, howver, when I put the second install disc into the computer, the download freezes. It is stuck on "preparing for installastion" or it will quit halfway through the download and say to ry again later. I cannot quit the installer, and am very confused. Any ideas on how to either successfully install the software, or to force quit the installer, thanks.

eMac, Mac OS X (10.4.1)
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    Power down the Mac, holdalt key & mouse button down on power up, to eject Disc#2 & show the Boot Manager, insert Disc#1, click 34/ circle on left, wait, choose to boot from Disc#1, then...


    That second Disc thing happens frequently, the best way around it is to do a Custom install, and eliminate enough Printer Drivers, Languages, Fonts, and Applications you don't need... then it may skip #2 altogether.  Reboot & hold the Option/at key as well as the left Mouse button to eject Disc#2 & bring up the Startup manger to choose Disc #1 again.



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    i'm sure aqua is correct but you may also wish to inspect the disc itself. if it has fingerprints on it wipe them off with a cotton t-shirt. cotton won't scratch a disc. don't use a paper product. if your disc is scratched i recommend shipping it off to azuradisc (located somewhere in arizona) to have them professionally remove the scratches. it isn't expensive and they do a much better job than these cheapo repair kits that you buy at wal-mart.

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    Thanks so much, trying to re-install now. If I still can't update, then I'll just stik with 10.3.9. Thanks so much for your help!

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    Great news so far, thanks!


    Please let us know how it turns out.