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I have had some pretty serious troubles sinc the new update for FCPX. I just could not figure it out. Real slow exporting to a final movie in master mode. No exporting to final movie using any of the apple settings. Bad sync of sound and clip and made it impossible to edit. Interesting thing is I had none of these issues before I did the upgrade. I had read a few places if you have or had a copy of MacKeeper on your hard drive it could be a possible problem. Not unheard of. I could not remember if I actually did put that program on my computer or not. Well I guess I did at some point years ago. I do realize that many shareware items really are not useful. Some downright crappy and some act like malware. I heard that this program was more like malware than saver. Ditching it won't help. It had been suggested to do a clean install of Mountian Lion and I even read that others were being told it may not be a bad idea. So what the heck. If I have some junk on my maching that is causing problems then I guess it is time to just do a clean install. So I did. I got a new hard drive and installed Mountian Lion and reinstalled all my main programs and now have a nice clean drive.


Guess what, all my FCPX problems just disappeared. Is there a lesson to be learned. Yup. don't go around trying all those schnazzy shareware thingies on the web hoping for a free or cheap replacment for a good program. Most are just stupid anyway.


I am now back in the game again.


Looking forward to all the new goodies the program has to offer.



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    As an IT engineer, I have had dozens and dozens of folks (students, clients, user group members, associates, friends) come to me with major issues due to MacKeeper.  It is a horrible, horrible rip-off of an app.


    FIVE of my folks lost ALL of the data on their boot drives.  The MacKeeper folks would not offer any tech support other than "You must have done something wrong, do a fresh install."


    MACKEEPER is horrendous trash that even Apple themselves should warn against!