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I am using Project pro from iworks where one can purchase templates.


It really is great, except for one small (yet important) thing I can not figure out how to change!


It plots work done and still to be one per object on the y axix in a slit bar graph, but then on the x axix plots days to completion.


This is not helpful, as at a glance you cant see what is ment to be done by which date. I have tried to adjust the table but only get massive values when I try to put the start dates in.


Does anyone know of how to get around this?


Template i'm using below


http://iworkpress.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=89:gantt-char t-template-for-numbers-09-pro-version&catid=40:numbers-pro&Itemid=150


Thanks a million

MacBook Pro, iOS 6