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I have a 3Tb capsule but can not rebackup says not enought space? thought it was supposed to delete old backups and replace with new one?? Any ideas on what's happening?
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3tb Time Capsule
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    2.36TB backup sounds like a fresh whole new backup.. that would mean it needs to delete the entire old backup.. something is wrong I suggest to even have a backup that large.. it will also take a month.


    Check Pondini for over large and backup not being able to be deleted.




    Try C4 and D4.. to start with.

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    Basically it is a total backup of several drives 240gig SSD which has the OS used about 100 gig on it then a 3Tb user account drive which is only about .75 Tb used and a 3Tb Media drive which is about 1.3Tb used Guess I cannot back it all up. Oh by the way only takes about 10-12 hours for backup.. Thanks for trying to answer my question.

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    Thanks that site did answer my question TC will not delete the last backup , you must have 2 backups on it to do another backup and it will delete the oldest