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Hi, I'm trying to add a Sitemap to my iWeb '09 (which is hosted by GoDaddy).  It's asking me to upload the .xml file into my document root folder.  I have no idea how to do this, or how to find the root document in iWeb.  Please, help.



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    The root folder is the one on the server that contains the folder with your website files and the external index.html file.


    The sitemap.xml file should be uploaded using an FTP application. Once you have done this you can test it by entering the URL into the browser to make sure it is in the correct location...




    See this page for more info about sitemaps...




    ... and this one for info about FTP...



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    i feel like i'm missing something here.  thanks for taking the time to help....


    to back up a bit, i have published my website to a folder, per someone's advice to not use an FTP. i checked and it looks fine (www.calveyautomation.com).


    i built my sitemap on the XML-sitemaps site, downloaded it, and then dragged it into my root folder, which i thought i found (after publishing, iWeb gave me the folder location, which specifically said it was the root folder). After dragging the sitemap into the root folder, i tested it using the www.domain-name.com/sitemap.xml (with my domain name entered...), and it takes me to an error page.


    i tried moving the sitemap to a folder within the root folder, thinking i had placed it in the wrong spot, but still get an error.


    i feel like i'm trying to reinvent the wheel here, but am ovbiously not getting this.  and am obviously a complete novice. 


    thanks for any insights you may have to what i'm doing wrong.  especially since you say to upload with an FTP application.  lost me there.

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    You need to upload the sitemap with an FTP app or your hosting services file manager.


    How are you uploading your website files?

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    bear with me....


    i'm not sure i understand what you mean when you ask "how are you uploadig your website files".  i just used the publishing section on iWeb to publish the site.  originally i published to the FTP server, but just changed it to a Local Folder.


    that's all i've done...

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    If you publish to a local folder your website is not published to the server. You have to upload the files with an FTP application after you have published to a local folder!


    Do you have an FTP application? If not I would recommend you get Yummy Lite which only costs $1.99 from the App Store...



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    well, seriously i have no idea.  how's that for a good answer.    it was originally published with the FTP - and i plunked all the info from goDaddy.  so i thought that still had something to do with it.  no, huh?


    then why is the site still up?


    i'll get the app now and see how it goes.  thanks for all of the help.  i'm really not this much of an idiot....

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    i can't thank you enough.....got the app, uploaded, fixed, done!  and the site is now on google, which is a good thing.


    thanks again.