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I have a new AEBS, and it is working great for wireless for my Sharp Aquos TV, using it for Netflix and Vudu.  But I'd rather use the ethernet connection, for better streaming of movies.  The ethernet ports work for wired to my laptop and Pioneer receiver.  However, when I switch my TV setup to wired, rather than wireless, it absolutely does not see an internet connection.  I am not a mac person (just iPads and iPhones), but have been fairly proficient with my routers before now, although always Linksys.  Before my prior router fried, I used wired ethernet for this tv and it worked fine.


Is this some factory reset issue?  I do have guest and regular network with WPA2 personal security set up, working fine.  I have used the same cables and internet ports to confirm ethernet to laptop and receiver works.  I've wondered if it's a port mapping issue, but the interface for adding ports is a little odd to me on the AEBS, and I haven't done that.


Any help would be appreciated.





Windows 7