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Hello.  I have a wireless network set up in my office with 2 airport expresses (current generation, 802.11n dual band, v7.6.2) set up as a roaming network, connected to a Actiontec MI424WR Rev G router and a fast (150Mb/35Mb) FiOS connection.


My colleagues and I all have been noticing poor performance using Skype while connected via the wireless network - delays, conversations breaking up, "down the hall" voices.  However, when connecting directly to the Actiontec router, performance is fine.  I would like some help figuring out why the wireless is affecting the Skype performance.


Signal strength is high throughout the office, which is an open floorplan.  Speed tests through Speakeasy.net are fast.  The router is set to clear unused uPNP entries, which are manageable (<10) in number.


Any advice would be much appreciated.