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I’ve read many online examples of people setting up a geofence reminder for then they reach a location identified as “mom” or “dad” or “parent”. I know you have to set up a known location (like a parent or your own "home"/"work") but it still won't work for me on my iPhone 5 (my first Siri device).


I have told Siri who my “mother” and “father” are, and that seems to have been understood successfully. (I see that info in my Contacts, and when I tell Siri the info again, it tells me it already knows that ___ is my mother.)


Here’s what happens every time:


1. I ask it to remind me of something when I reach my mom’s.


2. It understands this just fine: it asks if I want her work or home address (odd, but OK). I tap or say "home." So far so good.



3. Then it asks me WHEN I want to be reminded! Suddenly the geofence idea is abandoned and it thinks I’m doing a timed reminder.


If I refuse to give a day+time, I can instead say “when I reach my mom’s,” which Siri seems to understand: it asks yet again for me to choose my mom’s home vs. work. I choose “home” and Siri goes back to asking me the useless “when” question again. Endless loop. No reminder set.


But then today it's even worse: now it either goes straight to the "when question" without any attempt to understand to the location, OR it knows this is a geofence reminder, but simply says my parents’ address isn’t set. But it IS set—and Siri has properly mapped it for me in the past! When I try to re-teach Siri “My mother is _____” it says that it already knows that. So it HAS all the needed info, yet it tells me it does not.


For comparison, I AM able to get Siri to set a Geofence successfully for my own home. I can look in Reminders and see that my request has worked. (But the reminder never comes: I get home and it never gets triggered. But that's a whole separate bug.)


I've reported this to Apple via Feedback, but if anyone has a workaround to make Siri do ANYTHING with Geofences, I'd find it very useful! Thanks.