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I have a Mac os x 10.6.8, and need microsoft software (Cimmaron) for work, what do I need to update and downland in oder to run this on my current system. I have heard I need to download mountain lion and what else in order to run fusion. Thank you.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    VMWare's Fusion 5 has a system requirement of Mac OS X 10.6.8, so you do not have to update any further. The do recommend that you use 10.7 or later, however. You can get Mountain Lion from the Mac app store, or if you want to stop at Lion you can call Apple's sales department (800-MY-APPLE in the USA) to get a download code for it.)


    You may also want to consider Parallels, a product similar to Fusion. It has similar system requirements.


    You would also need to purchase a supported version of Windows and install that as well, to run under Fusion.


    Best of luck.

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    Thank you soo much. If I have Office for Mac 2011, do I need another Windows version? Trying to download a management system called Cimmaron for client management.

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    Since I do not know the requirements for your Cimmaron software, I cannot really answer that question. Most systems that are designed to work with the MS Office for Windows applications will run just fine with MS Office for Mac, but that is no guarantee. Ask the Cimmaron people, they should know.