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Hi guys,


Wonder if anyone can throw some light on this problem for me?


I've created several signatures - just basic text - in Mail/Preferences/Signatures, and ticked the "Always match my default message font" box, I've changed some of the text to bold, and with this box still ticked, highlighted a disclaimer and made it smaller (⌘-). So far so good !


When I see my email via the senders returned response, my signature looks awful. The main text is a lot bigger that the main email text, and the formating (spacing generally) is not as I set it out.


Also I'm noticing that if I cut and paste from another email - despite it looking the same size, the cut and paste section of text is also way bigger than the rest of the email text.


I have seen other emails coming in, where the text looks very small - is this something to do with the problem?


Any help greatly appreciated.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)