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I am trying to get an IP address for the USP printer attached to my Airport Extreme (AE) to be able to use the scanner via network with xsane from my RedHat 6.3. I have a DCP-7020 already connected to the USB of the AE.  Unfortunatelly I havent been able to scan via network. I am able to print to the USB printer in the AE using IP address, however when configuring the scanner with brsaneconfig2, it only accepts the IP address and not the port (assuming this is the issue). My only guess is that if I have an IP address assinged to the USB printer I wouldnt need to specify any port hence I should be able to configure the scanner with brsaneconfig2.


The  question is: How can I assign an IP address to the USB printer in the Aiport Extreme ?


Thank you for any hints !!

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