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I just upgraded my ipad to 6.0.  I can no longer expand my audio files so that I can move forwards and backwards.  I used to get a diagonal arrow to enlarge the screen and then have a bar that I can move to navigate. Can you help?

iPad 2, iOS 6
  • Kilgore-Trout Level 7 Level 7

    What kind of audio files, and what are you using to listen to them?

  • PattiKadkhodaian Level 1 Level 1

    Hi James,


    I am listening to embedded training files on the Quick Time player (I think). They cannot be copied to protect the information.  You only have the option of listening.   I used to be able to click on the Q in the audio strip and it would provide a diagonal arrow and this would allow me to expand the bar to a full screen. I then had the bar which would allow me to navigate in case I wanted to listen again or in case I wanted to move forward.  After my upgrade, I can no longer expand the strip to a full screen with the adjuster.  Now I have not chance to take a break in listening to these audios and most of them are at least an hour long.  Thanks for your help.