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ludovic leroy2 Level 1 (100 points)

I have two xSan volumes with 2 pairs of mdcs and another server, client to the san, that shares the two san volumes with AFP for Ethernet only clients. All running Lion Server 10.7.5


Spotlight works fine on the controllers and on the server that does AFP sharing of the san volumes, and on all xsan clients.


However Spotlight returns blank results on AFP clients. The returns are correct but without icon. Doing a Get Info on them says "you have unknown rights" and doesn't display a path. It shows size and creation and modification dates though. The client has read write access on the document.


I rebuilt the index on the controller a couple of times. Unmounted all san clients and rebuilding on primary controller only then reconnecting other controllers and clients. The first time it worked and for a few days AFP clients could use Spotlight but one day it stopped working. Second rebuild didn't change anything.


Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance.

Xsan 2.2, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
  • Blaidd Drwg Level 1 (95 points)

    Check that the _spotlight user has read access to the files.

  • ludovic leroy2 Level 1 (100 points)

    It's true the _spotlight user doesn't appear on the ACLs but I can't add it manually. Neither Spotlight nor _spotlight are accepted as valid user.

    It's suppose to be added by Xsan Admin doesn't it? How to add it again now?

  • Blaidd Drwg Level 1 (95 points)

    I'm not sure how it gets added initially. You could add it with:


    sudo chmod -R +ai '_spotlight allow readattr,readextattr,readsecurity,list,search,read,file_inherit,directory_inher it' /Volumes/VolName

  • ludovic leroy2 Level 1 (100 points)

    Did it and it worked to add _spotlight to the ACLs but Spotlight still return blank results on AFP clients...


    Do you know what should be the permissions on the .spotlight-V100 folder?


    Spotlight works on the servers so the index is fine. It's the AFP clients that can't read it properly or don't get all the data from it.

  • stephen boyle Level 1 (5 points)

    same issue here - seems to be an issue somewhere in the AFP resharing - as spotlight is fine on all controllers and xsan clients.  have rebuilt to no avail.  i thought about the spotlight user thing too but have not tried that.  i think the way xsan is indexed is completely different and not sure the spotlight user is necessary. you get anywhere with this?

  • ludovic leroy2 Level 1 (100 points)

    No i didn't get anywhere. We're using EasyFind which is not a good for us.

    The anoying thing with this is that it has worked for years.