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On occasion, I will send a message to someone over AIM (through OSX Messages) and they will not recieve the message. Typically if the user does not recieve a message from me, all following messages to that user are not recieved (until I reboot). I do not recieve any errors when the message is not recieved by the individual. I am able to still use AIM to communicate to other individuals without an issue. This issue occurs with individuals inside and outside the office. I am not the only individual to experience this issue in the office and it appears to happen quite sporadically. Nothing on the network has changed, and in the past several years, we have never encourtered any issues of this sort. On my computer, I only have the AIM account setup through messages and I do not sync messages with a phone or any other device.


As a side, possibly unrelated note, the notification circle on the Message icon will often show "1" or "2" even through all messages have been read.


Any thoughts on this issue would be very helpful. Please let me know if I can provide more details any a particular facet of the issue. Thanks.

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    The DOCK icon counter is a bit of a known issue that seems to happen to some people.

    It can be solved by deleting a .plist


    This is the com.apple.imessages.bag.plist in the ~/Library/Preferences.

    Access this folder in the Finder > Go Menu > Go to Folder and typing that location in the Dialogue box.

    Drag the .plist to the Trash then restart Messages.


    AIM Messages are ot part of the Syncing process that involves the iMessages account only.


    In Messages > Preferences > Accounts > the AIM account > Server Settings is it using SSL to Login ?

    The Buddy List would normally close (Contract)  if you were being dropped by the server (The SSL one does tend to do this more)


    Try it without the SSL  (You have to Log Out first)





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