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to all



being a bit daft. i set my Mini onto a static IP of ...1.50 in my network. Ive had to reset my router but now it wont pick up the Mini on the network. Its wired in. What do i need to do to the router to make it automatically se th Mini on ...1.50? or should it pick up the Mini and auto assing the IP of ..1.50?


i cant remember if i did something to the router or not...

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    What other IPs are beeing used by others on this Network?


    If setting a Statc IP be sure to use several numbers higher than any given out vaia DHCP.

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    When you say the router won't pick up the mini on the network - where are you looking? I know on mine (cisco/linksys) it wont' show a fixed address if I'm looking under "DHCP clients" (for what I'd hope are obvious reasons - it's not assigning it anything.)


    What you may want to do instead is look for a section in the router where you can reserve IPs. Usually you'll need the MAC address (no relation to apple... will look like 01:ab:02:cd:3e) from the network utility. Set the mini to DHCP, set the router to assign a specific address ( to that MAC address.  Just to let the router manage them all (and give you an easy place to look to avoid conflicts.)