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OS 10.4.11:  Both physical hard drives set to "sleep when possible" (which itself is pathetically lame, obviously-why can't you set a specific delay..?)


They spin down after 5-15min (the time doesn't even seem to be consistent), then spin back up 30secs later!! Or, sometimes they spin up a little while later, when I'm sitting there reading a webpage, or watching a movie, or doing nothing at all.


I can understand the startup drive spinning up for little or no reason, but WHY does my second hard drive spin up..?? This does NOT happen in Windows, not even in OS9!


This is so infuriating I am ready to get in a car and drive to Cupertino, or wherever the crooks at Apple are located now, and get some answers. Is there any way to get Apple support on a G4? I doubt it.


Has anyone had this experience..? Has anyone even noticed/care what their hard drives are doing? This is beyond absurd. It's not like i'm using OS 10.0.1. Thanks.


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