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I know this has been discussed somewhat, but most of the posts i found are 4 or more years old.


I have runaway memory issues sharing drives on a GB ethernet LAN, related seemingly to the kernel_task process.


One is a 2008 MacPro running 10.7.5 with a CalDigit HDOne attched with mini-SAS the other is a 2009 MacPro running 10.7.5 with a g-tech G-SPEED esPro also attched with mini-SAS.  Both drives are used as local and networked media shares.


On both machines, both file sharing and Remote Managment is ticked in System Preferences>Sharing, they are connected to eachother througha gigabit ethernet router.


The runaway memory occurs on the machine that is serving up the drive, not the one pulling from it.


if i purge the memory on the drive serving up the media, the kernel_task process doesn't change.


As soon as i disconnect the network share and purge the memory the runway stops. 


Is there something wrong with my sharing/networking setup?


I've noticed this on every version of Lion.  I can't say for sure if we had this issue on Snow Leopard.


thanks for the help

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), Early 2008 Quad-core
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    From your description I'm going to point you in the direction of your mini-SAS card.


    mini-SAS isn't a standard option provided by Apple, therefore it has to be a third-party card, and likely has a third-party kernel extension (or driver) to support the card.


    Unfortunately it's not easy to test that theory without pulling the drive offline (unless the drive supports multiple interfaces and you can connect it via FireWire, at least temporarily as a test).


    In either case I'd talk to the card vendor to see if they have any software updates for the card's driver.