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Are there any holiday songs that would be free of charge on Itunes?


Typically you still have to pay for some public domain music even though you can use it free of charge. But every once in a while you'll find a cool deal and not have to pay at all.


We've got ASCAP and BMI where I work with needle drop, but I'm just curious about the above. I did find some civil war tunes on here for free.  I think it was somebody here that helped direct me to them.


Thanks for any assistance

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    It's possible Apple will offer some free holiday music - they've done so in the past - but no music in the iTunes Store is public domain. All music they offer has the performance copyrighted even if the tune and lyrics are public domain. And by your contract with the iTunes Store you can only use tracks for personal use; you cannot use them in any sort of public or commercial setting, if that's what you meant. If you're looking for music that is free of any performance license and royalty, you'll have to look to other sources.




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    Thanks Vajak Paw (cool nick)

    Well if you see any of those free tunes (Holiday) feel free to share them in this post so I get the alert.


    Thanks again

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    They'll be listed right on the main iTunes Store page and in the Free on iTunes section of the Store. Just keep checking there every week. What is offered for free on one country's store may or may not be free in others, so posting here could easily be misleading.