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I have a Drobo FS and a Macbook Pro connected to my home network.  When I take my MBP outside of my network, it seems it still tries to auto-connect to a share on my Drobo FS and I get the "Connection failed" error pop up. 

Connection failed.png

When I select ok, it continuously pops back up every minute or two to the point I have to leave it up and move it to an area on the screen that won't get in the way.  This is very annoying to say the least.  I can also add that this error pops up everytime I boot the MBP up too, even when I am in my home network.  It seems it tries to auto-connect to this share before the Drobo FS is discovered.  Once it is discovered a minute or two later, it connects with no error.


I have checked login items and there is nothing on there that is a shortcut or link to anything on the share.  I do store all my iTunes library on this share, but do not have iTunes open when this error pops up.


Any idea what might be causing this and a way to fix it?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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