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I have looked at the other message of this type and I still can not resolve the problem.


Amber light is blinking on Airport Extreme.

Airport Extreme utility says "internet connection"


I have my Mac desktop system plugged directly into the back of the Airport Extreme and have no problem accessing the internet that way.


I can not access the internet with the iPad over wireless.  In fact, when I try to connect to the Airport Extreme from the iPad the "spin icon" next to the network name keeps spinning. 


The utility originally also showed "no DNS server" so I entered the information by hand from the Network preference pane of the System Utilities on the desktop system.   That message then went away.


In the Airport Utility, the Router Mode shows "Off (Bridge Mode)" is this right?


I have reset set everything many times in various orders and always get back to the same problem.


It seems that resets have fixed other peoples problems but nothing changes for me.   I have waited quite a while before power the modem and Airport back up, to no avail.

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    For what it's worth:


    I finally got this to work and I'm not even sure how.


    The last sequence I went through was to leave the modem and computer powered up and reset the Airport Extreme box using the reset button.    Reset the cable modem when told to (power up/down).

    I'm pretty sure this was one of the many reset sequences I went through before.


    I also picked a password this time that had no numbers (I know this probably doesn't matter).


    One indication that something different happened this time was -

    I had the System Preferences panel open to the network panel and noticed that for the first time the IP address and DNS server address shows and   Before, it looked more like a Comcast address.  Somehow the computer connection was just being passed through to the modem (but incorrectly).