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After importing images from my storage card into a new Aperture Project from my SanDisk card reader connected to my iMac via a USB cable, I am presented with a dialogue box giving me the option to Delete Imported Items on EOS-DIGITAL?


I check the Eject EOS_DIGITAL (the name my Canon EOS camera gives my PNY Optima SD HD 4GB storage card whenever it is formatted) check box and then click the Delete Items button.


I am then presented dialogue box that says Are You Sure You Want to Delete 50 Items from EOS_DIGITAL?


After clicking the Delete Items buttons EOS_DIGITAL is "ejected" and removed from the desktop.


When I re-insert the PNY Optima SD HD 4GB storage card into the SanDisk card reader the drive shows up on the desktop with all the images still available, i.e. Undeleted.


Surely they should have been deleted at this point, or am I missing something?


storage card = PNY Optima SD HD 4GB

Aperture = version 3.4.1

card reader = SanDisk

iMac running OS 10.8.2

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.6)
  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 Level 6

    Not an answer, but a suggestion in change of workflow.  There are many different cards, and many different cameras, and not all of them work exactly the same.  For this reason, the generally prefered practice is to simply eject the card from within Aperture, and then (when needed) reformat the card in the camera that you will be using it in.


    As a bonus, this gives you additional copies of your digital camera files until you reformat the card.  I suggest that you have at least two copies of your file, on separate drives (or other storage media) at all times.


    I don't know why your files are not being deleted.