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OK...  So this is new.  To try to be as brief as possible the Mail app is not displaying .jpg photos, just the "Missing Plug-in" message.  I immediately remembered that I'm pretty sure Apple implemented a deal that disables Java after a certain period of no use (or something to that effect).  So I went to Oracle's Java test site and sure enough I had the "Missing Plug-in" message.  So I installed Java and now I am running Java SE 7 update 09.  However, I am still receiving the "Missing Plug-in" message in Mail.  I research further and found discussions like this that say that restoring defaults in Java Preferences fixes the issue.  Only problem is that the Java Preferences app in /Applications/Utilities doesn't exist anymore and now there is a Java Control Panel in the System Preference app, however the Restore Defaults option does not exist.  What the deuce?  Anyone have any idea what to do here?


Edit:  I have of course restarted the Mail app and also restarted the entire system.  Issue persists.

iMac (27-inch Mid 2011), OS X Mountain Lion, 16GB RAM