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Hello, I have a problem with my 4th Generation iPod Touch. Its a problem i have been having constantly with this iPod and my last iPod, which was a 2nd Generation. On and off, my iPod will randomly like to irritate me and disconnect from the internet. My network always shows up when i go to my Wifi settings, but it always says its loading. And that drags on for ever and ever and ever. And when THAT happens, who knows when it will come back on? I have already tried to reset my network settings. That didnt work. I hope there a way to fix this troublesome problem! Help would be great!

iPod touch, iOS 6.0.1, Version 6.0.1 (10A523)
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    Perhaps the Wi-Fi signal is being interrupted by interference. This would seem to be the most likely explanation if you are having the same problem with two different iPods at totally different times.


    One of my iPod Docks can transmit its signal to other devices, but it knocks out my Wi-Fi signal whenever it transmits. Metal cased devices (such as my microwave oven) can also intefere with the Wi-fi signal. It could even be a something in a neighbour's house. Does the problem continue (as badly) if you are next to your router?