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I'm on the touch 4g and just realized tonight that Nike+ had mysteriously disappeared. I never used it as I have a nano for my runs but wanted to check it out regardless. The revamped version doesn't seem to need the sensor and has built in a pedometer. Has anyone tested this? I'm surprised I haven't seen it advertised. I haven't tested it exstensively, just a little jog around the house to make sure it recorded. The prior version wouldn't let you begin a run until it connected to your shoe sensor. This would be a nice alternative considering the nano has touch terrible battery when used with nike+.

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    Did you turn it on under settings?

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    I see that I accidentally turned it off, but in doing so I found this "Nike Running" app which is much more interactive (you can access everything you would on your nikeplus.com profile from a computer) and in addition it seems to have the built in pedometer that the ipod nano 6g/7g has. I guess I'm just surprised they don't make this the official app that comes with iOS rather than the "nike + ipod" version. My guess is to keep those foot sensor sales rolling.