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I have a table which contains bookings for an event I am running, with one row for each booking and a column for the date of the booking.  I am trying to create a line chart which shows me the progress of the number of bookings over time.  So the X axis would have one label for each day of the month - even if there was no booking on that day, and the Y axis would have the number of bookings, i.e. the number of rows, matching the date.


I have tried a few things without success, so I wonder if someone could help with this?





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Solved by Wayne Contello on Nov 14, 2012 6:08 PM Solved
 The top table is titled "Bookings" and the bottom table summariese the bookings by counting how many bookings fall on each day: The bottom table:B2=COUNTIF(Bookings :: $B, "="&A2) select B2 and fill down as needed