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I'd like to have some help available for Apple OS or Apple apps when internet connection isn't available. Can I download help topics so they will be available for the OS and apps, offline? Thank You!

In a vaguely related issue, I've been exploring OS native applicatrions like Preview, TextEdit, and Mail, and boy, they've come a long way since their eariler models (My fisrt computer was an Apple, I think it was runing System 6 at that time; I remember when 7 came out and how it seemed so revolutionary at the time (yeah, I'm pretty old).

Anyway, the new OS and the apps as they have been developed have become more than just functional; they're pretty impressive, and both fun and easy to use, & both interesting and fun to learn how far they can extend, and what they can accomplish.


Thanks, Apple!

iPod nano, Running iTunes on Win7, 32 bit, SP1