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I Bought An Iphone 4s From Amazon. I Got the Phone And Soon as I Plugged It Up to a Charger The Apple Sign appeard and Kept Blinking Not Powering The Phone On. The The Main Screen Popped Up And The SLIDE SCREEN at the bottom Had all different type of Languages To Say Emergency Call So i Plugged It To The computer Then A Usb Cord With an Arrow Pointing Up to The Itunes Logo Came up So I Put it In DFU mode Just So that Itunes could recognize the Iphone 4s as Well As my computer I clicked restore And it Started To Restore But The screen remained Black Once it Got To Checkin Iphone With Apple Service Or something Like that It Started Blinking The Apple Again And I Get Error 1602 Maybe even 3194 The Phone Has Never Cut on Since i Had it I Dont know If its Jailbroken Or Not. Can Someone Help Me Pleaseeeeeeee!!

iPhone 4S, Windows 7