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I recently recorded my band on a handheld recorder.  I let the recorder run continuously throughout the entire performance, and would now like to:

  1. Separate each song into its own audio track
  2. Perform any mastering necessary on each track individually
  3. Once done, copy each track over to iTunes and also burn it to a CD with song title information


It seems that (other than the actual art of mastering) this should be easy and it probably is, but I am not quite sure what to do despite going through the Logic Pro manuals, tutorials on line, Web training programs, etc.  It seems that everything I read is related to creating one track from what you have, not breaking it apart.  Can someone point me to a tutorial or provide me some guidlines?



Logic Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Using PODXT as Audio Device
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    I do not know much (yet) about mastering, but I would suggest the following:


    1. Import the single audio track from your handheld recorder to your computer.

    2. Import the track into logic; you should be able to just drag the icon from the desktop onto the track and it will copy and show up as a blue audio region.

    3. Go through the single track and cut it up into pieces, dividing each song. To do this, move the playhead to where you need a division and click the icon "split by playhead" at the top. This cuts the region wherever the playhead is.

    4. Now that the single long audio track is divided into sections, create some new tracks (Command-Option-N). You can now drag each segment from the long track to the new tracks until you have separate tracks for every song.

    5. I would recommend exporting each song in one of two ways; either right-click the region and select "export as audio file" or you can click the solo "S" button in the lower right, click on one of the regions, which will highlight yellow, and click "Bounce" at the top to do essentially the same thing.

    6. When you open the exported audio file outside of logic, it will copy to itunes. From here, you can name the files, arrange them in a playlist and prepare to burn.


    I hope this helps!

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    Thanks!  I'll give that a go.