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I purchased Gem in a game app called 'Clash Of Clans", inputted my ID, and the moment I purchased, the game crashed.I reentered the game, got my gem, but now the iPhone keep asking for my Apple ID Password for every apps I logged in, and the Gem purchase option are now gray.


I have checked across the internet for solution, and found that the Apple ID Password screen keep popping as I have an "unfinished" download/purchase, which I must redownload the purchase or cancel it entirely if able.


Now, I connect all the puzzle and is very sure that my Clash of Clan is bugged. (Gray gem purchase selection means that the purchase was considered incomplete, so I'm always opted to input my Apple ID Password.)


Now I tried signing out of Game Center (didnt help), signed out from Apple ID Screen (didnt help) either, so I deleted Clash of Clan. Yes that helped me, no more Apple ID Password screen coming up. Tried reinstalling, and yes, the Apple ID Password screen pops up again. Anyone able to help in this? I really wanted to buy Gem in order to play this app.

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1