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I just read several conflicting and old posts on these boards in addition to an outright, "sorry it'll never work" from an Apple store genius so I'm going to pose the question again all fresh and new like. 


I have a Mac mini late 2012, 2.5 Ghz.  I also have a 20" DVI Apple Cinema display (1680x1050px). I would like to connect a Samsung Syncmaster 20" (1600x900px) and run it with desktop extended. 


The Apple Cinema display works fine of course.  The Samsung has both a DVI and a VGA port.  I suspect there's a way to do it, and maybe even take a slight performance hit.  I even saw some people say here that the Apple store has a cable for this or that.  Sorry I'm just not figuring this out for myself. 


Thanks in advance all....

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