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My husband was having trouble with WIFI at work the other day and his coworker did a reboot.  Since then, wifi has been completely greyed out (as is Bluetooth).  "No Wi-Fi" is all it says in settings.


We're running 5.1.1., and it says there are no updates available when I plug it into the computer and synch it.  We've restored it twice.  Nothing.  I've reset the Network settings; nothing.


It's nothing  more than an overly expensive music player this way.  Of course the warranty is long expired.  I don't know what Generation it is; how do people know that, lol?  It doesn't have a camera.  It's 32GB.


I'd appreciate help; I'm not tech-savvy; nothing I see online is either user-friendly or encouraging. 

iPod touch, iOS 5.1.1