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Hi all,


recently I got a couple of G5 Xservers for playing around. These are great machines even if there are very big compared to a mini and quite noisy if they run.


Anyway, I also realized yesterday after installing OSX 10.4 that the Xservers all have a common problem: After a view minutes they suddenly shut down (or make a reset) and I guess it is the power supply. After a view seconds or minutes they restart themselves again without pushing any button.


Also I got one, that is not operating at all but gets a bit warm but does not provide the 12 V output.


Unfortunately the power supply seems to be very specific and there was no surge parts to be replaced. Also, I did not find any schematic or description how to repair such a power supply. An alternative would be to replace the original one with a replacement.


A special hardware check DVD specially issued for Xserver seems not to work either or the videocard is not compatible.


Does anyone know more about it or could help me?


It would be very frustrating if I would have to sell the Xserve as spare parts and not are able to use it for my home.


Many thanks!

Best regards,


Xserve, Mac OS X (10.4), Motorola G5 processor
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    There are numerous reasons why an XServe might shut itself down, beyond just the power supply.


    As a server, the XServe is designed to run unattended 24/7 and if the system detects a failure it may automatically reboot in an attempt to address the fault.


    It may shut down due to temperature issues (too hot), or software issues (critical services crashing or hanging), or the infamous -93 watchdog issue that plagued 10.4.x


    You need to check the server logs to see what messages are logged about the shutdown. In my experience (and I've run lots of XServes), the power supply is usually the last of the causes. I think I've replaced one PSU in total.


    That said, if it is the PSU, your option is pretty much to find a replacement. They're not considered user-serviceable but are field-replaceable (just pull the old one out and drop a new one in).


    Chances are it's a software issue, though.