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Sometimes our Grey Gray BUNDLE  Install DVD gets scratched or damaged ( be carefull when inserting on aliminioom sharp edges at the entry to the slot area) so we need a replacement if you have Apple care they usually replace with no charge,but I was asked for a charge of 10.6 if it was from Tokyo but if I wanted a free set I would have to wait 4 weeks, I got them from Taiwan.


The DVD s are white Apple Logo on top then computer Model      1.  13 -inch MacBook Pro    2.

                                                                                                    Mac OS X install DVD      Application install DVD




                                                                                   below    Replacement DVD


                                                                                             Not for Resale


                                                            serial number        SRF  2Z000 - 0000 - A   can only be used for that Computer.



                                                                              c 2009 Apple inc .  All Rights reserved


   No information like on the Grey Bundle  Disqs note ; once I was posted a retail 10.6 which can be used with any Mac.


This time I requested a 2nd set of  Replacement DVDs for a cracked Replacement DVD (Maybe it was damaged in the Earthquake my Pro fell on the floor )


when they arrived from Apple care Taiwan I discovered 2 identical install DVDs ! and 1 App and then they turned out to be OS X 10.5.7, my model is 10.6 I called the Tokyo Call centre ,they will send a replacement again even I gave them the details of the grey disqs,She said that my Pro model was 10.5  so we have to make sure. and they should write the grey disq information only the  serial number        SRF  2Z000 - 0000 - A can by identified by the Pro


They said I can keep them,but they do not work on any Computer..can I fix them to install on my MacBook ? I was always looking to buy a family pack 10.5                                                           

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    Apple gives replacement DVDs with the original OS X version that came with the computer, so that's normal. Apart, these DVDs only work with your MacBook. If you want to install Mac OS X on any Mac, use the retail DVD