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Hi guys , i would like to thank everybody that will be able to give me even a little advice to solve my problem ^^".... oh well lets start...

From a few weeks i'm having a problem with my charging sistem of my iPad2 (16gb , not upgreaded to iOS 6, but i think this is not the key of my problem), in particular all the times that i insert the cable on my device the battery begins charging , but after 5seconds it stops and restarts charge on its own periodically, with the resoult that in like 12h of charge it charges only for a 30% or less .... im particularly worried about my iPad battery .. so at the moment i turned off the device and planned to ask to a appleshop-assistant...any advice?....(sorry for my bad english but i think i've been at least understandable ^^"...) see ya.


P.s , i changed the charger and the cable 2 times , so the problem is not linked with it x_x"...

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
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    Id' follow through with that appointment at the apple store. There may be something wrong with the software governing the battery, or there may be something wrong with the port itself (I'm thinking software)


    they have the diagnostic programs to find out and hopefully fix it.