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As stated in the title: How do I permanently mute the start-up sound?


Before answering, please note:

     + I do Not want to use sleep (my MBA starts fast enough, and I don't consider it neither environmentally friendly nor economical to always use sleep. I am not going to be forced to use sleep by an annoying start-up chime either)

     + I know that the start-up sound has the use of indicating errors, but I do not think that this is prioritized over a silent start-up (The sound is very embarrassing in class etc). (Besides, if I happen to mute the sound before turning shutting down, I won't hear the chime either, so I will have to plan when my mac is going to crash either way.)

     + I furthermore do not want to mute the sound every time I shutdown, as I will forget to do this.


I have tried the following solutions:

     + Startninja - Works often, but has turned off at occasions without me knowing it. I therefore do not trust this program.

     + Startup.prefpane - Does not work at all.

     + Psst - Does not work.

     + Plugging in a headphone chord - does not work.


A common problem is that a program supposed to mute the start-up sound only mutes it when the headphones are not plugged in, even though the start-up chime always come from the internal speakers.


I am using:

     + Macbook Air 13 inch (new, mid 2012)

     + OS X 10.8.2


I am seriously considering switching back to Windows right now, because while I really like Mac, fearing that the sound will go off inhibits my usage of my computer and makes me feel a bit fooled that I spent $1500 (actually a bit more because I wanted a faster processor) on a computer that doesn't mute properly (I understand that this might not be a big deal for everyone but it is for me).

MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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