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I have been asked to set up an Icloud account by Apple.

How will having another icloud email benefit me. I have my work email which is all i require, but had to set up a @me account to get email on my Macbook.

I have a Mac computer that i upgraded to Mountain lion, a macbook pro and an iPhone 4s which has the latest software. all i want is simplicity and to have one email account which which will not duplicate everything 4 or 5 times.

My notes are duplicated, i have to delete my emails individually on all devices so whenever i put my phone on, all the emails i have deleted at work re-appear on my phone and again the same thing happens on my Macbook pro. I seem to spend all my time deleting emails 3 times.

Is there something simple in the set up of these that i am missing?


Any help would be appreciated

iOS 6.0.1, All products