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Our school has 15 iPads. We want all of them to be identical. But at the same time we'd prefere to be able to use Find My iPhone (iPad) in case of a missing iPad. We don't have special equipment for syncing all iPads at once, and cannot afford to buy it. And the Volume Purchase Program is not yet available in Norway, wich means I cannot use Apple Configurator to distribute apps.


Last time I made a new setup I reverted all from the same backup. I got identical iPads, but I couldn't use Find My iPhone, probably because they all had the same Apple-ID. Now I've made some changes and updated iOS, and I want to roll out the new setup to all 15 iPads.


What would be the best way:

  • Use Apple Configurator to setup iPads without apps. Then download the apps manually to every iPad?
  • Revert from backup, and then manually change the Apple-ID on every iPad in order to ble able to use Find My iPad? (Is it correct that every iPad needs a individual Apple-ID?)
  • Any other sugestions??



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    Probably the easiest way is to setup one iPad with apps back it up with iTunes

    And restore to the others

    Since you don't have a mdm solution like osx servers profile manager

    Apple Configurator use it to install as many settings as you can via profiles

    It will speed up the configuration less time spent tapping away on each device

    Here is a free hosted mdm



    Find my iPhone use can use the same iTunes account, I think the limit is 200 devices

    If you restore from backup passwords are not restored you'd have to re enter them

    Every iPad needs an indervidual ID not an indervidual iTunes account for find my iPhone

    Eg iPad-1 iPad-2 etc


    Check iCloud settings or you could have all devices reading each others calendar


    Consider enabling restrictions here you can stop users adding email accounts

    Changing find my iPhone etc

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    I'm going for the restore-option. It seems to be faster right now (only 15 iPads), taking in consideration that the other options seems to require more "investigation" and are probably made for more complex setups than mine. Then I'll look into Configurator when VPP becomes available in Norway.

    BUT your info on Find my iPhone was great news! Easy to just change the name after restoring. (For some reason I was sure I needed separate Apple-IDs...)


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    That's exactly the reason why you should be experimenting with deployment methods, because you have a small deployment

    It's better to stuff up with 15 Rather than 150


    it's a good opportunity to learn about profiles before you're faced with a large deployment

    I would recommend using apple Configurator even for your small amount of iPads

    You don't need to distribute apps with it

    Using apple Configurator profiles to configure the devices speeds up deployment and reduces typo's

    Dono about you but the novelty wears off pretty quick typing in the cryptic wireless password for the 3rd time


    Apple Configurator can automatically number devices to


    Once you've restored your iPads find my iPhone will give an error message

    Just enter your iTunes account password again