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I am a iOS developer and I use extensitvely iBooks with reference manuals (epub and PDF books mostly). It is a great tool compared to Kindle, especially with the ability to organize books in collections.


One thing that should be improved is the ability to keep several books open at once, rather than having to go back to the library, change the collection, select the book to open it, and then shortly after back to the first book (again going back to the library, change the collection and re-select the previous book).


Could it be possible for Apple to make it a tad more sophisticated so that we can navigate not only from page to page in a single book but from a selection of "open books". I remember at school for some work we had several books open on the table and we were passing from one to the other. Now student have the internet more than book, but the concept is still valid.


Now with apps like iBook it should not only be possible to browse from book to book in a set but also from part of a book to another part of the same book in the same manner (without having to either turn pages from one part to ther other or having to go back to the TOC, sometimes a very long TOC).


Especially with the push (I think it's great) in the educational books, it would be great that iBooks becomes more than an apps to read sequentially a novel but to effectively "work" with books.


What do you think of that suggestion?



iBook, iOS 6.0.1
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    You can add bookmarks to different pages within an ibook and access them via its Contents Bookmarks Notes screen, but that might not be as sophisticated as you are want.


    For the ability to have multiple books open, you can leave feedback for Apple here (these are user-to-user forums and Apple don't monitor them) : http://www.apple.com/feedback/ibooks_ios.html

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    Hey King Penguin


    That's a good point and indeed I was looking at something a little bit more sophisticated. Though I definitely should look a bit more into the bookmarks. Bookmarks, I believe, do not provide a complete answer to what I was describing because often you will navigate from one book to the other looking for something and thus there are not yet bookmarks.


    I will post it to the Apple feedback as well but I wanted to see whether others think the same in the forum.