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I have just experienced two of the most frustrating weeks since upgrading to Mountain Lion and then upgrading to the latest versions of FCPX and Motion. I've experienced constant crashing in both programs especially in the process of trying to modify a preset title by opening a copy in motion. If I tryed to insert the updated version in the timeline within seconds the program would freeze. I would change items in the copy and find the changes not updating in FCPX.

At one stage, while using FCPX the clips in the event browser stopped playing. As well as that Motion would crash not long after expanding the Gui out to my second monitor. From that point on I was unable to use the second monitor and had to delete the layouts folder because I couldn't see the Timeline anywhere. This fix worked for a while and then boom, crash, back to the same sitiuation. Unbelievable.

I have to say, I've nearly totally lost my faith in both these pieces of software which is a pity because FCPX does some amazing things. So, what fixed the constant malfunctioning?

I downloaded a copy of Mountain Lion and did a clean install, then loaded FCPX 10.0.6 and Motion back on. Seems to be working fine now. No crashing, anyway, from both programs.

I don't know much about software but there seems to be something very wrong with the whole updating process if I can solve most of my issues with this drastic action. My question is: Why on earth is this necessary in the first place. It all seems totally unprofessional.

Final Cut Pro X, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Agreed, FCPX crashes on me regularly, and my Mac is only a year old. Ridiculously frustrating and totally uncalled for on their part.

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    Quite the contrary, the standard opertaying procedure for all professionals when installing a new operating system is to do a clean erase and wipe your drive and rebuild from the ground up. That has always been the recommendation when working with pro apps. You can go back in the FCP forums to when it was still on OS 8 and you'll see the same thing, and every step of the way through every version of OS X.

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       There is a very good chance that somebody with more knowledge could have solved the problem before requiring a complete install from scratch but whether it is Win XP, OS 7, Win 7, OS 10.8.x or any OS...conflicts can arise. It's the nature of computing. When conflicts arise there can be crashes and sometimes they are untraceable and require a complete install from scratch. It just happens. That said, it isn't the norm. I'm rock solid on 10.0.6 and so are many others with very complicated systems. Non-professional environments are most challenging because consumers load their computers with all sorts of nonsense.

        I do tech support for quite a few computers, both win and mac and imho "the whole updating process" is not perfect on any platform and never has been. poop happens.

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    Thanks for your replies. What I don't get digibudll is what is the difference between your computer and mine. I have a 2011 mac with 12gig of ram, Mountain Lion and an I7 processor. How can there be such glaring differences between computers and installations that after an update yours functions fine and mine is full of niggling faults....just doesn't make sense. It's not like windows where you can get lots of different bits of hardware in a machine. My Imac and thousands of others are all built to a certain spec then loaded with the same software. Final Cut pro x and Motion are made by apple, then put on Apple computers but can act completely different on the same speced machines.

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    It may very well be dependent on what other software you have installed, where it's installed, and what system resources it calls on.